Are you looking to take your web development skills to the next level?

With over 4 years of experience building web applications using JavaScript, React and NodeJS; I'm here to help

How can I assist you?


Acquiring new skills

I can help guide you in the right direction to acquire or strengthen your skills in frontend and backend development.


Code Review

The most effective approach to enhance your programming skills is to receive feedback from other developers. I can review your project or assist you in resolving any bugs.


One-to-one Chat

If you require assistance with anything you can always reach out to me via text on any platform of your preference. I'm always available and happy to help in any way I can.

Skills I can help you with

react skill


React is a highly popular and widely used JavaScript library for building user interfaces, making it a valuable skill for any developer looking to stay current and competitive in the industry.

javascript skill


JavaScript is the backbone of web development, providing dynamic and interactive functionality to websites, making it a fundamental and essential skill for any developer working in the field.

node js skill


NodeJS is a powerful and versatile platform for building server-side applications using JavaScript, making it an essential skill for any developer looking to build scalable and efficient web applications.

nest js skill


NestJS is a powerful and scalable framework for building server-side applications using TypeScript and Node.js, making it a valuable tool for any developer looking to create robust and efficient web applications.



  • Personalised learning plan

  • Unlimited 1-1 Chat

  • Upto 2 Code Reviews

  • 1 Audio/Video Call

  • Cancel Anytime

$59 / month


  • Personalised learning plan

  • Unlimited 1-1 Chat

  • Upto 4 Code Reviews

  • 2 Audio/Video Calls

  • Cancel Anytime

$89 / month

About Me

Vijit Ail

As an experienced Senior Software Engineer, I have a passion for mentoring and helping others to learn and grow. With expertise in JavaScript, React, NodeJS, and NestJS, I can guide you in building robust and scalable applications.

I have expertise in full-stack development and problem-solving, which enables me to collaborate with cross-functional teams and deliver quality products. Additionally, I enjoy sharing my knowledge by writing informative articles on the LogRocket blog.